Poom AL360 E3 Carbon Slim

Poom AL360 E3 Carbon Slim

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Diameeter 25mm.

Slim carbon monocoque booms is the beginning of a new generation of high performance and quality of booms, the boom is manufactured completely of carbon fiber unidirectional HM (high modulus), thanks to which it was possible to reduce the diameter of the tubes of the boom in 25mm, retaining the rigidity and strength very high, combined with ergonomic curve and section oval tubes, characteristic of the booms carbon AL360, makes it even more comfortable handles, even for people with small hands, as young guys or girls. Coated in soft dual density grip for better grip, plastic back-end and front-end are made of nylon with 20% elastomer, compact swing front-end very well integrated into the booms without protrusions, with high stability and rigidity on the mast.

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