Puri Point-7 AC-X 2017

NO CAM slaalom puri

Rohkem infot

Saadaval: Tellimisel

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749,00 €

» Lisa soovinimekirja

Race performance without cams. The AC-X is developed to be the fastest sail on the water and proved on different magazine tests, without having a wide mast sleeve and cambers. The high-end performance will give you the high speed that you have always dreamed about with minimal effort and easy handling characteristics. Lightness, probably the lightest seven batten no cam on the market, and high-end performance of the sail even further in over-powered conditions. Power and enhanced stability in both low and high wind conditions, combined with a very locked-in feeling, only comparable to a cambered sail.

If cambered sails are not your cup of tea, then the sheer performance specs and looks of the AC-X should be the one for you, that is if you are up or it! Already a magazine test winner in 2014, 2015 and 2016, the AC-X 2017 development team focussed on improving the drive and back hand pressure. A bigger cut out has been introduced allowing more S-shaping release. This lightens up pressure of the back hand when powered up, leaving you with more energy to stay on the water all day.  The increase of profile in the front increases the drive for earlier planning and acceleration in lighter winds, drive for carving better in the jibes. Important changes for this masterpiece sail model from Point-7.

After using the cam sails the whole year round, jumping on the AC-X feels like opening the soft top on your car and going full speed through an empty road with beautiful scenery around you. I was in El Medano, and I saw our boss racing with it during the training. It was a 7.5. He was in another group for that session and I could see him in the front of the pack. I was too interested to try racing it myself. So I asked him if I could go for a spin. I was winning 3 races out of 3 in front of all my colleagues with cam sails. Watch the video to believe my words and don’t be too shocked! Matteo Iachino, ITA 140


  • Light lighter lightest
  • No-cam slalom sail
  • Easy to rig, easy to sail
  • Forgives in jibes
  • 7 tubolar battens
  • Full anti uv-monofilm